CPD Online

Hi All,

Sometimes it’s a challenge to leave clinics and busy lives to attend full day CPD events.

There are several ways to undertake CPD online now with some excellent resources out there. I will add to this list continually or feel free to let me know if you want me to add one.

HSEland contains over 170 e-learning programmes, resources and planning tools. It has a section specific to health and social care professions. You can print off certificates obtained for your personal portfolio but there is also a portfolio on site for storage as well. Available on www.hseland.ie. New to HSEland is a video tutorial on reflective practice for clinical physiologists by Maria McNeill.

Podiatry Chat Live streams regular live. This is the initiative of podiatrists Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths. Initially streamed on Facebook but now available as podcasts and on YouTube. Live discussion with expert Podiatrists on many topics. 36 episodes already from Sagittal Plain Theory to 3D Gait Analysis to Pain Science. Available on www.podchatlive.com

Craig Payne also runs Podiatry CPD Academy. His biomechanics boot camp module which he previously brought to Dublin is now available through e-learning. His critical thinking and science-based podiatrist boot camp is also available here. Running Shoes Boot Camp is also available, and you can link in to a weekly CPD update on latest research in Podiatry and related topics. www.podiatrycpdacademy.com.

Podiatrycpd.com provides 15 modules on line which equates to 30 learning hours. Topics are varied, ranging from Podopaediatrics to Diabetes to LA to Pharmacology. Packages are available depending on how many modules you want to brush up on.

learning.bmj.com has some podiatry modules on their site with many general medicine topics too.

MOOC, Ted Talks, Udemy all have online modules relevant to practice. The only downside is that it’s hard to stop. Before you can blink, one can have your name down for several fascinating on-line courses. Resisting is a challenge!

Emily Haworth